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We recommend that all of our perspective sleep study participants first go for a full health evaluation at their family doctor



This allows for evaluation of your overall health to determine if a sleep study is

right for you.

The specialists at Sequoia Sleep Diagnostic will help identify sleep-related breathing disorders, narcolepsy, and other potentially harmful sleep behaviors.

Have a sleep study

See your family doctor before coming to see us

• You'll be able to move around in bed

• Intercom communication with your tech

• Free to read/watch TV until lights out

• An infrared light and camera are used to

   monitor your sleep movements

• Brainwave patterns, muscle tone, heart

   rate, breathing, and leg movements are  



What can you expect when participating?

Prior to your scheduled session, please complete all the forms and questionnaires below. Be sure to bathe, wash and dry your hair, avoid napping on the day of your study, avoid caffeine on the day of your study, and continue to take your normal daily medications unless otherwise directed by your physician. If you do not drive, arrange for someone to pick you up by 5 a. m. Please let us know if you need to stay later so that we can make accommodations.


• Patient sleep questionnaire

• Physician referral form

• Medical records release form

• HIPAA regulations form

Be prepared for your sleep study

Call us today to schedule your sleep diagnostic.


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