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Those that lose an ideal night's sleep due to periodic leg movements (PLM) and restless leg syndrome typically have a few symptoms in common. Just as the name of this condition suggests, those that are affected to have unusual repetitive movements in their lower legs and experience fatigue. If this is you, give us a call today.

Those that suffer from periodic leg movements (PLM) or Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) can experience a life full of nightly discomfort should the problem go neglected. Your doctor may suggest simple changes to your lifestyle like avoiding caffeine, practicing good sleep principles, and medication prescription to help improve your sleep.

Put your legs to rest - get a good night's sleep

Be on the lookout for symptoms

of PLM

• Constant discomfort and urge for leg


• Uncomfortable sensations

• Symptoms begin or worsen while resting

• Symptoms improve when legs are moved

• Symptoms worsen in evening, especially

  while lying down

• Difficulty in falling or staying asleep

Those with Restless Leg Syndrome will experience:

Unlike some seeping disorders, PLM and RLS can be managed, but not cured. Most

doctors will prescribe medications that control the movements, though you will always

be susceptible to relapses of the issue. Generally, patients will benefit from sedatives

or pain killers. Once we diagnose you, make an appointment with your physician to discuss treatment options.

Control your sleep disorder; don't let it control you

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