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• Difficulty falling asleep at night

• Waking up during the night

• Waking up too early

• Daytime fatigue or sleepiness

• Daytime irritability

• Difficulty concentrating during the day


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Many people just like you suffer from sleepless nights or difficulty falling asleep. That is where the experts at Sequoia Sleep Diagnostic can help.


Our sleep study will uncover the patterns of your sleep and the triggers that cause your insomnia.

Get answers about your constant tossing and turning

Are you experiencing any of the following?

We find that the best way to diagnose a potential problem is to track any abnormalities in your sleeping patterns.

This is why we encourage all of those that become part of our sleep study to keep a

diary for 2 weeks.


We will analyze your case and offer a diagnosis.

Accurate diagnosis of your insomnia problem

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